It is so common for people to become less and less mobile the older they get. So common in fact that many people simply accept it as an unavoidable, if unfortunate, reality of later life. However this is not true. It is absolutely possible to maintain a good level of mobility later in life, but the trick is to prevent yourself from losing mobility in the first place! As they say, prevention is better than a cure.

One of the best preventative measures you can take to protect your mobility later in life is to start regularly seeing a trusted chiropractor as soon as you have any issues. The earlier you address the problem, the easier it is to deal with.

You should aim to maintain your mobility instead of fixing it later in life

Have you ever had a warning light appear on your car’s dashboard and instead of getting it checked out, you hope it will just go away? It’s understandable, sometimes we just can’t face parting with the money. But now you run the risk of the first issue causing more issues later on and now all of a sudden, your car is in a much worse state than it could have been, had you just nipped the problem in the bud to begin with. And it will probably cost you a lot more time and money than if you hadn’t ignored it initially.

Burying your head in the sand and procrastinating like this is usually a bad idea across the board, but especially when it comes to your physical health. Losing your mobility is not just a case of becoming a bit more stiff later on in life. Maintaining adequate mobility quite literally prevents your muscle, bone and joint health from degrading as you age. So it really is in your own best interests to maintain adequate mobility as you get older.

Keep enjoying your hobbies now, or you might not be able to later in life

You wouldn’t let your phone drop down to 5% charge if you could help it. If you did, you might end up inconveniencing yourself by getting into a situation where you need your phone but it’s out of charge! Don’t allow this to happen to your body. You don’t want to restrict yourself later in life and stop yourself from enjoying your hobbies because of poor mobility.

You CAN become more mobile and it’s not too late to start

Charles Eugster (26 July 1919 – 26 April 2017) was proof that it’s never too late to start getting active and also that you can maintain good mobility well into your old age. Charles was widely regarded for being the world’s fittest OAP. He didn’t even decide to get in shape until he was in his fifties when he realised he’d become, in his own words, a “self-satisfied, balding lump of lard”. Charles took up competitive age-group rowing at the age of 63 and then went onto win 40 gold medals for World Masters Rowing. As if this wasn’t enough of an achievement, he then decided to take up body building at the age of 87 and at 93 was invited to give a Ted Talk on “Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea”. 

Now Charles was an extreme case, no doubt. Not many of us can match the drive he had. However he was a real example of the fact that it is never too late to improve your health and mobility! Charles didn’t get fit until he was well into his fifties, and he lived to be 97 despite his previous unhealthy lifestyle…. NINETY SEVEN! I think Charles is an inspiration to us all. But perhaps his most important lesson to us was this: “We have confused illness with the process of ageing, which can be thoroughly healthy. Illness is not a necessary part of ageing”.

You will miss the mobility you had if you lose it in your old age

It can be easy to push thoughts like this to the back of your mind, especially when you’re dealing with other more immediate issues in your life. But think about how having inadequate mobility when you are older will affect your family life.

We all want to live as many healthy and happy years as we can, but if you do not look after yourself and maintain your mobility into old age, you could end up requiring assistance for basic needs. At a certain point, a severe lack of mobility can become a heavy burden for younger family members to bear. That’s why it’s so important to stay mobile and to get in touch with an experienced chiropractor if you’re struggling with your mobility.

Looking for activities in the Alnwick area that are suitable for the elderly?

As important as mobility might be, it can be difficult for the elderly to get out and be active for a huge number of reasons and these are not all physical. Many elderly people struggle with loneliness and isolation which can be a real barrier to them getting out of the house for exercise. Fortunately however, there are some lovely people out there to make things a bit easier for our elders.

The Alnwick Garden Elderberries are a group that aims to enrich the lives of elderly people who might be struggling to get exercise or to socialise with other people like them. They have yoga, walking groups, pilates and many more activities to help the elderly maintain their mobility and quality of life.

Maintain your mobility for a happy life

If you need motivation to start improving your health and mobility, think about the benefits later on in life. Even just adequate levels of physical mobility will allow you to continue most of the hobbies you enjoy, to pick up your grandchildren and most other things that bring value and happiness to our lives. 

Get in touch with a trusted chiropractor today to talk about how you can maintain and maximise your mobility later on in life.