What We Do

Why see a chiropractor?

Smile Health - COVID-19 ProcedureThere are many reasons why you should see a chiropractor.

If you’re suffering from long- or short-term pain in the neck, back, shoulders or suffering from unexplained headaches, a chiropractor could help you.

You’ll receive advice about your health and your journey to recovery. Once a course of treatment is decided upon, you’ll find your pain will be relieved quickly, allowing your body to get back to working for you, instead of against you.

Why see me at Smile Health?

Smile Health - What to ExpectThat’s easy – because I’ll help you find your smile again.

I’ll give you my undivided, one-to-one attention to address your specific concerns and get the root of your pain-related problems.

Once we’ve discussed what’s bothering you, I’ll give you honest and realistic advice about your health and how we can improve it.

I’ll be super clear about how we can work together to get back to your smiling self and, once we start your course of treatment, you’ll start feeling the benefits straight away. Each appointment will build on the last to create a sustained and lasting improvement in your health and mobility – a bit like seeing the benefits of going to the gym on a regular basis.


How do I know if my back is unhealthy, damaged or about to give me trouble?

You might start to notice a few minor niggles or twinges as you get out of bed, stand up from sitting or getting in and out of the car. If you’re struggling to put on your shoes and socks, there could be an issue with your back – it’s best to get it checked out early.



Why do I have headaches?

Generally, headaches are caused by a lack of oxygen getting to your brain. That could be caused by dehydration, skipping meals, tension in the neck or shoulder muscles or tightening of the scalp. Chiropractic treatment can ease headaches by making adjustments to help relieve the tension in the muscles around the neck and shoulder.



What kind of pain can a chiropractor help me with?

Your spine protects the spinal cord which is a bit like the power supply for all your muscles. The spinal nerves exit at both sides of every vertebrae.

Chiropractors mainly make adjustments to the spine which can relieve symptoms in many places around the body. For example, nerves in the lumbar spine (the bottom half) affect the buttocks and the legs, while tightness in the neck or upper back affects the shoulder, arms and head.



Can a chiropractor help with my sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is located in the buttocks. Pain caused by sciatica travels down the whole leg and into the foot. We can make adjustments to the pelvis and lower back to help relieve pressure on the nerve and ease the pain.



Can a chiropractor help with my knee pain?

As a joint, your knee relies on the muscles surrounding it for stability. If you’re suffering from knee pain, a chiropractor can adjust your lower back (lumbar spine) to strengthen and stabilise the nerve supply to those muscles. We can also provide advice and exercises to build and maintain strength in the leg muscles to prevent more problems in the future.

Can a chiropractor help improve my posture?

Oh heck yes! Posture is the very centre of chiropractic work. Poor posture can result in inefficient muscles, tension and pain. With just a few simple adjustments to your spine, a chiropractor can make movement and exercise easier and pain free. We can even advise you about maintaining a good posture while you’re busy with your work or hobbies.

An added bonus is that good posture can lead to better breathing, digestion and body confidence.



Can I see a chiropractor when I’m pregnant?

Definitely, although not in the first trimester, unless you already attend our clinic. When you’re carrying a baby, your body goes through huge changes. Joints become more flexible and, especially in the final trimester, the extra weight of the baby can put additional pressure on the lower back. 

Adjustments also create a little bit more wiggle room for your baby to move around, which is especially useful towards the latter stages of pregnancy.

Our treatments can help to ease any pain or discomfort you may feel and we even have specially designed cushions in the clinic to make you comfortable when you’re lying on your front. The Belloost pregnancy cushion was designed by a chiropractor to accommodate your growing bump. Find out more information here: www.belloost.co.uk

What does a chiropractor do?

As specialists in spinal care, we listen very carefully to what you tell us. We also ask lots of questions to get to the heart of your pain and discomfort before assessing the treatment that will help you. We’ll explain how bones, muscles and nerves work together and what happens when things go wrong.

We’ll observe the way you move and help you adjust your posture and movement to avoid problems in the future. Our main aim is to give you back the freedom of movement to live the life you love.

Our treatments usually involve a course of around 6-12 weeks over three months. We’ll provide you with advice and exercises to do between treatments – and as with most healthcare, the more work you put in, the quicker you’ll be back to great health.

I'm nervous about coming to an appointment. What can I expect?

First of all, don’t be nervous. We’re here to take care of you and will do everything we can to put you at your ease. 

Please be aware that we keep the front door of the clinic locked for everyone’s safety and security. Please make sure you turn up to your appointment on time and I’ll be there to greet you. I’ll take you through to the treatment room where we will be for the length of the appointment. No one else will be present during that time unless you’d like to bring a chaperone.

Smile Health is a completely safe space and anything discussed during your appointment remains absolutely confidential.